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We all have different roots and influences. Our backgrounds are not limited to where we were born, but are much broader. Constantly nourished and inspired by sounds, pictures, smells and tastes from all around the world.

Unique and mixed – we are 100% EARTHMADE!

Guided by its founders’ watchmaking discernment and experience, the Tweed Co. team is dedicated to the design and technical production of its models and concentrates its efforts on seeking out the best suppliers from all over the world. Tweed Co. offers an impeccable level of product quality, while maintaining affordable prices.

Taking a world view and keen to ensure total transparency regarding its components’ origins, the brand proudly highlights its partnerships with skilled suppliers from a wide range of backgrounds. Equipped with Japanese movements, assembled inside cases produced in China but designed and technically developed in Switzerland, Tweed Co. watches reflect a generation wishing to live in a borderless world.

The “Earthmade” concept is the house’s signature, which is expressed in all of the house's social media communications using the rallying cry #iamearthmade. Indeed, beyond its components’ origins, the Tweed Co. collection is made on earth, by earthlings, stemming from a cultural mix with multiple areas of expertise, just like those who wear the watches!


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